You must get your Vet and/or an Animal Behaviourist to confirm it if you think your dog as separation anxiety.  If she has 'separation anxiety' try not to pay attention to her for half an hour before you go and half an hour when you come home.  With cues or key signals that you are leaving e.g. picking up your keys, your bag, mobile, get the car out of the garage etc., get them out of the way well before you leave too so that she doesn't associate them with your imminent departure.

There are also some alternative options that may help ...  the link below is the international site for Tellington Touch - it is something I have only recently come across (although it has been around for 20+ years) and looks kinda cool - where you may find some relaxation methods for her. I would also look for a recommended Naturopath in your area and discuss it with him/her and try some herbal remedies.  You can get Animal Chiropractors and holistic clinics too and they can have some very good results and/or suggestions.  The Tellington Touch, Naturopath and Chiropractors should all be able to relieve some of her anxieties.  I have also found a very good article on 'separation anxiety' - although, personally, I would be very hesitant about putting her on any drugs - although they can have their place, they should be used in conjunction with behaviour modification and short term.  I would suggest that you talk to your Vet and/or discuss it with an Animal Behaviourist.

I always tell my dogs to 'stay home' 'good dog' whatever so that they know they are doing the right thing and not being punished - so give her a command of your choice and then try going out for a minute or two and then return - if she has been good, then tell her 'good girl' and then basically ignore her for another half hour.  Try to gradually build up the time you are gone ... e.g. down the road, around the block, to the shops etc etc 2 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins ... slowly build up the time you are away - it may take weeks. 

Good luck.

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