A product has been brought to my attention for Arthritis in dogs ... I would use it as an "alternative therapy" and for use as an adjunct to other Arthritic products.

A friend of mine (who is a Vet) advises people whose pets are on alternative therapies to use it for 8 weeks (for these type of products) and if it doesn't help, then stop.  Our personal opinion is that every little bit helps with arthritis because the bottom line is your animal is in pain, so try everything to give them the chance of best quality of life possible.  Don't forget that weight loss (if overweight), warmth, beanbag beds are other "adjuncts".  She has also seen some great results with acupuncture too. 

I would be very happy to hear how your dog goes if you choose to try Syn-Flex.  Any questions or comments regarding Syn-Flex to me is FREE.

Please click on the link for some more free information ...

If you would like some more information, The "Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Center" is a resource site where you can search for Arthritis or Glucosamine information -  http://www.glucosamine-arthritis.org/.

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