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Learning A Little Bit About Dogs.

Dogs are pack animals. When you get a puppy, you and your family becomes ‘the pack’ and the puppy thinks of you as just another dog. They need to have a Pack Leader. It is very important that you are considered more important in the pack than the puppy.

Respect is the biggest thing to a dog ... be cool, be kind and your dog

will follow you to the end of the world ... and back!

Never ever put your face lower than the dog’s face. If you are lying on the floor, the dog will think you are being subservient (inferior, not as important as they are!) or want to play and will jump on you! Then, if you get scratched or bitten while you are playing, as another member of the dog’s pack would, remember the dog is only doing what is in it’s nature – it didn’t mean to hurt you, it is just playing the only way it knows how. It isn’t really fair to tell it off but you can always say ‘no’ and get up. If you want to lie on the floor, either put the dog outside or move to another room. A dog is a puppy until they are between 2 and 2˝ years old. Be patient. If your dog is old enough or, even better, trained, then you can tell the dog to ‘drop’ and ‘stay’. A dog at this stage knows its place in the pack.

Remember; always ask before you touch someone else’s dog. Small dogs can bite hard too!

When you meet a dog close your hand into a fist so that a dog can sniff the back of your hand (palm down) instead of having fingers out that can be bitten - a fist can be withdrawn much quicker than an open hand.

When you approach a dog, do not approach from the front (head-on) - approach from the side so the dog has a chance to check you out first, then if the owner allows you to touch the dog, extend the closed hand (as above) towards the dog to sniff, then if the dog seems okay, scratch the dog under the chin or pat their shoulder.  DO NOT attempt to pat strange dogs on the top of their heads as this is a bit pushy and rude in their eyes and could make them cross.  DO NOT lean over the dog as this too could make the dog cross - stroke the dog on the side you are on.
Always try to avoid eye contact [DON'T have a 'stare-out'] with a dog (especially one that you don't know) as they can interpret constant eye contact as a threat or challenge - they could think you are going to hurt them and they might bite you.
Don’t interfere with working dogs like Guard Dogs, Police Dogs, Tracking Dogs or Seeing Eye Dogs. Always ask the owner before you approach the dog.
Always be gentle with dogs. Don’t tease dogs, hit them over the nose, or pull their tails or ears. You are asking to be bitten! How else can they tell you they don't like what you are doing?  Always have a clean bowl of water and a warm bed for your dog. If your dog has been naughty, take the dog to the scene of the crime and then tell it off. If you call it and it comes and you tell it off, it will be very confused because the last thing it did was come to you. You have about 5 seconds to let the dog know it did something wrong ... any longer than that and IT IS TOO LATE!  A dog will love you more than anything else in the world if you are kind to it.
Take good care of your pet. Remember to exercise your dog and brush it regularly, take it to the vet for its annual vaccinations or any other problems and maybe even find a Dog Club - your puppy will love it and so will you because it is always nice to have a dog with manners.

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