German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Dogs are one of the most versatile breeds that exist today.  They are also referred to as Deutscher Schaferhund and an 'Alsatian' - in reality, there is no such breed as an Alsation.  The reason for this is that during the World Wars, anything in the United Kingdom that had a reference to Germans was not in the top 10 favourite all-time things.  So, people changed the name from German Shepherd to Alsatian.  Since the end of the World Wars, it has been reverted back.

The German Shepherds started out as just that - Shepherds - they guarded the farmer's sheep.  Today, they are police dogs, Sniffer Dogs for drugs, explosives etc, guard dogs, obedience champions, show champions, Guide Dogs, Rescue Dogs to name a few and, last but certainly not least, very loyal, loving pets.

If you are choosing a German Shepherd as your family dog please choose your breeder carefully - there are so many to choose from so try and find one that somebody recommends to you because if you are like me, once you see the puppies, you'll be sunk!  (see Choosing a Puppy)  Please contact me, if you feel I could be of any help or the Canine Association or German Shepherd Dog Association in your area.  Also, see the White Shepherd page for information.


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