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If your dog is sick, you think it might be sick or there could be something wrong PLEASE contact your Vet as soon as possible - discuss it with them over the phone first (they shouldn't charge you for this) - and then they can advise you.  If your dog is biting (and causing serious bleeding - much more than just puppy biting &/or nipping) or something else that you feel is really serious, then please contact your Vet and/or an Vet Behaviourist in your area (your Vet should be able to recommend an Animal Behaviourist in your area).  Below are some common questions that I get asked - if the problem is not here and you would like to email me, please see below.  Remember that socialization and education are the key to a lot of problems - and a lot of problems stem from something WE have done wrong (most things can be corrected with time, socialization, re-education and rewards)!  If you can't find an hour a week to take your dog to a Dog Club (it doesn't have to be obedience training - it could be a breed club, agility, FlyBall, etc) - then perhaps you should consider why you are here reading this page!  Never underestimate the socialization needs in a social animal.  One hour a week CAN make all the difference.

One of the most important things you need to understand is that - as Karen Pryor says in her book "Don't Shoot the Dog" - dogs divide things in their universe into 4 main categories:  chew toys (e.g. footwear, furniture, books etc), a rapidly retreating object (e.g. a cat), a toilet (e.g. carpet or hifi speakers for males) or food (e.g.  your dinner, his biscuits, tissues etc - even rocks for Labradors!).   Life is quite simple!  Lassie has a lot to answer for!  They do not reason things out, dogs chew, for example, because it keeps their jaws in good working order through isometric exercise - there isn't anything more to it than that really.  Don't anthropomorphise (great word, huh?!  It means putting human emotions onto animals.) - your dog has not been plotting and scheming, it is just reacting to the situation as s/he sees it - it is your responsibility to re-educate him.

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Separation Anxiety

Thunder and Fireworks

Urban Dogs

Since February 2000, when I started this site, I have written back personally to thousands of emails free of charge but I have now included (and added to) a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Page where hopefully you can find an answer to your question and there is a lot of information that can be found around the site.  If you cannot find your answer, please include whatever you think is relevant in your email - the more you tell me, the clearer the picture I will have of your situation.  I do reply to every one but if you have not received a reply within 2 weeks, please email me again as I may not have received your email or been able to access your email address.

Please Note too that I do not receive emails that contain viruses, worms etc - my Server stops them before they get to my 'inbox' - if you receive a notice from WestNet, please email me again once your computer is virus free.  Thank you.