Your pup will be a baby for at least TWO years!  Don't expect too much of him too soon.  You have taken him away from everything he knows and you have to teach him how to behave in our world.  Did you ever see Disney's Jungle Book?  Mowgli had to learn to live with the animals in the jungle - your pup is trying to do the same sort of thing.  He probably isn't paying attention to you because you are giving him too much information ... read on!

If someone was talking to you in a language you didn't understand, it wouldn't help if they shouted, would it?  You STILL wouldn't understand them.  So with your pup, if you say SIT, gently guide him into position and say SIT again.  Don't keep saying sit, Sit, SIT ... say it once, then show him.  When you want him to do something, don't have a conversation with him ... try to keep it to one or two words like the Sit.  He has to learn the words - he doesn't know them yet - he is relying on you to teach him.

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